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Complete the form below to book a skydive online or if you'd prefer we can process your booking over the telephone for a small handling fee of £3.95. You can book either for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

Static line (category system) is an affordable way to learn to skydive from only £179 (when you jump for free for charity) or £199. Please be aware that if you are booking for someone who is aged 40+ or has a medical condition such as asthma, they will be required to get a doctor to sign this medical form before being allowed to carry out a skydive. Static line (category system) students must be within the restrictions set out on this page including the height to weight chart.

You can now do a SOLO Static Line jump for your Charity

More Buzz for the Jumper! More Money for your Charity!
Get your training and your 1st jump for free if you do it for charity! (show example)

You can take part in a SOLO Static Line jump for a worthy cause. Most charities will pay for the training and the 1st jump if you can raise a minimum amount for them; the standard minimum is £395 but some charities may ask for more. For full details see HERE or contact our Charity Team: charities@skydive.buzz | 01404 890222.

Select a Course Date next available course: 06/07/2017

This will be the day you carry out your ground schooling, not your first jump.
However, this course does include the Static Line level 1 jump which will be carried out asap after successful completion of ground schooling.

Jumper Information

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IMPORTANT! You will be required to complete a BPA medical form. You will need to get your doctor to sign your medical if you are age 40+ or have any medical conditions such as asthma.

Breakdown for Payment Due

Flights Tickets for the purposes of passenger transport taking parachutists to altitude when skydiving from Skydive99.com Ltd aircraft are Zero Rated for Vat.

The flight ticket part of this payment will be made to Skydive99.com Ltd and the remainder to Skydive Buzz Ltd.

Jump Cost


Skydive (Training) £0.00 (inc VAT @ 20%)
Skydive (Flight Ticket) £0.00 (inc VAT @ 0%)
Compulsory BPA Insurance £0.00
Camera £0.00 (inc VAT @ 20%)
Camera (Flight Ticket) £0.00 (inc VAT @ 0%)
Optional Extras £0.00 (inc VAT @ 20%)



Only continue if you have read and accept the terms & conditions and understand that all payments are non-refundable.