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Raise ‘N’ Jump Terms & Conditions

Raise 'n' Jump (RNJ), part of the Skydive Buzz Ltd business, allows supporters to raise money for, and donate to, any of the charities and organisations registered with us by using the RNJ online sponsorship facility. Each charity and organisation registered with RNJ will have authorised us to collect donations on their behalf.

Jump for Free Scheme

Supporters hoping to ‘jump for free’ are required to raise a minimum amount of sponsorship for their chosen cause in order to earn the right to use a portion of the sponsorship to pay for their skydive.

A breakdown of £395 minimum sponsorship required (example only, minimum amounts and jump costs may vary)

If the supporter has raised the minimum amount set out by their charity, they may use a portion of the money raised via RNJ to pay for the skydive balance (£200). Skydive Buzz Ltd will forward everything else raised via RNJ to the charity within one month of the jump together, with a detailed donation report. Please note that a supporter does not hold direct access to any money raised through RNJ. It is accessed by Skydive Buzz Ltd to pay for the skydive (if the minimum has been met) and to make the donation to charity.

Self Fund Scheme

Supporters that pay for their skydive using their own personal means may enable their charity to claim Gift Aid on all eligible donations. There is no minimum sponsorship required by the charity for supporters who self fund their jump. All money raised via RNJ in these instances will be given to the charity within one month of the supporters’ jump.

Raise ‘N’ Jump Fees and Payment Process

Supporters are not charged for having a profile/account on RNJ. There are no fees to the charities and organisations registered with us. However all donations will be subject to a handling fee of 50p or 5%, whichever is greater. This is to cover administration, bank charges and transaction fees and is paid by the donor. For example if a supporter makes a donation of £10 they will pay £10.50; £10 will go to the charity and 50p will cover the transaction and bank fees incurred by Skydive Buzz Ltd. When a donation amount is entered on RNJ, the website clearly states the amount that will go towards the sponsorship and the amount that will cover the handling fee before the payment is confirmed by the donor. All donation payments are to be made by credit or debit card.

Gift Aid Information

When a supporter donates to a charity via RNJ, it is their responsibility to ascertain whether they qualify for Gift Aid entitlement. We will provide the charity with a detailed report containing the necessary donor information and data to make a Gift Aid claim if applicable. If you have any doubts, we recommend you seek advice from the charity you are supporting, or HMRC. For more information on Gift Aids, please see here: www.hmrc.gov.uk/charities/gift_aid/

If a supporter is raising money for a charity using the ‘Jump for Free’ scheme, only money donated over and above the jump cost is eligible for Gift Aid. This is because the supporter is using a portion of the sponsor money to pay for the skydive (up to £250) therefore money up to this point isn’t classed as a ‘gift’. A supporter can only use sponsorship money to pay for the skydive. If they have raised the suggested minimum for their chosen charity or organisation (this is never less than £395). A short-fall below the suggested minimum will result in the supporter having to pay a portion of the skydive using their own means or they will not jump and cannot use sponsorship to fund their jump.

Information and Privacy

If you are a supporter setting up a profile, we will need the following information to activate your profile: Your Name, Telephone Number, Address and Email Address.

If you are making a donation by sponsoring someone to do a skydive, RNJ will need the following information from you: Name, Address, Email Address and whether you are a UK Tax Payer (for Gift Aid). World Pay UK Ltd (WP) will need the following information, to take the payment from you: Name, Address, Email Address and Card Payment information.

You are responsible for ensuring that RNJ and WP are provided with the correct information. If you provide either of us with incorrect or out-of-date information we will not be responsible if the donation is delayed, not made, or is made incorrectly. For more information on World Pay’s security and privacy policies, please see here: https://secure.worldpay.com/global3/brands/worldpay/payment/default/help_security_en.html

Data Protection

All data and information collected by RNJ for the purpose of running the website, are securely contained and not passed on to any third parties other than the charity or organisation being supported. All data and information, not including card details collected via WP for the purpose of making sponsorship payments, are not passed on to the charity or organisation. RNJ and Skydive Buzz Ltd do not have access to any payment card details via WP.

We recommend you keep your password safe and do not share your login details with anyone. If you think someone has access to your account please notify us as soon as possible and we will send you a new password.

If a supporter wishes to jump in aid of a charity on more than one occasion they will be required to set up a new profile for each occasion and cannot use the same login details. However if a donor wishes to make more than one donation via RNJ, they can use their original RNJ login details but they will be required to re-enter their information on WP as no payment details are retained.

Online Profile Pages - Privacy

All online sponsorship pages will hold details provided by the supporter which can include photographs, jump target, information about why they are jumping and the charity they are jumping for. This information given by the supporter will be accessible to anyone looking at their profile page (NB: A login is not required to view profile pages).

When donating via RNJ, a donor can do so anonymously by following the onscreen instructions. A donor can choose to write a comment or message to go with their donation which will be viewable on the supporter’s profile page. The donor can also choose to hide the amount donated.

Skydive Charges

If a supporter incurs any additional charges they cannot use RNJ or offline sponsorship to pay for this. For example, if a supporter fails to turn up on the day of their jump a £50 loss of deposit will apply. This £50 would have to be paid using personal means when rebooking, not using sponsored money. Please see HERE for full skydive terms and conditions and more information about skydiving for charity.


It is not RNJ policy to carry out refunds (unless there has been a fraudulent payment without the card holder’s permission). If a supporter thinks their card has been used illegally for a payment with us, they must contact their bank immediately and notify Skydive Buzz Ltd. If the money has already been allocated to the selected charity (24 hrs after the transaction), the money will already belong to them and it will be at their discretion whether or not to offer a refund.

No Jump / Cancellations

If a supporter cancels their jump, all donations made through RNJ will be passed onto the charity or organisation. It will be at the discretion of the charity or organisation whether to refund any donations. Donors are aware that charges may apply and that donated money can go to a charity without a skydive taking place.

Profile Account

In order to make a RNJ profile account the supporter has to pay a £50 deposit to Skydive Buzz Ltd. If an account appears to be, or becomes dormant Skydive Buzz Ltd will close the account. If any donations have been made to a page that is no longer active and the page owner is not planning to do a skydive, RNJ will forward the money to the charity or organisation. Supporters will be notified by email every time a donor sponsors them via RNJ.

Website Misuse

RNJ retains the right to remove any content, including photographs, added by the users if it is deemed inappropriate. RNJ does not have to notify the user if it deletes or removes content added by them. Anyone misusing the RNJ website runs the risk of being removed or permanently deleted at our discretion. Any funds that might have already been raised will still be active and can be used towards skydive payment (if applicable), and/or passed onto the charity.