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Our oldies are getting bolder in 2017!

Oldies Getting Bolder - Skydive Buzz Ltd

This year skydivers have seen an increase in older and older fellow folk taking up this extreme sport. 100 year old D-Day veteran Verdun Hayes became the UK's oldest skydiver, when he jumped at Skydive.Buzz in Devon last year. He loved it so much he is doing it again, this time setting the world record! The current Guinness World Record for the Oldest Tandem Parachute Jump for a male is 101 years and 3 days. Mr Hayes is planning to do his jump on the 13th of May 2017, when he will be 101 years and 37 days, beating the record by 34 days!

His jump last year became focus of the media worldwide. The coverage of his skydive reached TV news as far as Australia and the US. This time he will be joined in the plane by his son Brian, his grandson and his great grandson - 4 generations in the air at once!

Verdun Hayes is not the only senior citizen signing up for a parachute jump. We see more and more people in their 80's and 90's signing up. Many people do this for the very first time. Most people raise money for charity, but for some this is just a long lasting dream coming true.

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