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Ultimate altitude flight level 150 Impeccable Safety Record

15,000ft... highest possible skydive without an oxygen supply! No-one jumps higher :)

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7,000ft (FL70)
£149 anytime

10,000ft (FL100)
£239 Sat/Sun (primetime)
£229 midweek

15,000ft (FL150)
£279 Sat/Sun (primetime)
£249 midweek
£199 midweek 8am

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Welcome to one of the UK's leading parachute schools

If you are looking for a once in a lifetime experience or to become the next world champion, we can make it happen. Our centre has some of the best facilities in the UK, including one of the most comfortable and fastest climbing jump planes in the world. We provide excellent services and facilities such as first class coffee bar and restaurant; The Aviator.


City Break Discount

Tandem Skydive
from only £149

Skydive Buzz Tandem Skydive

You will be strapped to a professional highly experience instructor, whilst falling from up to 15,000ft.

Accelerated Freefall
from only £375

Skydive Buzz AFF Skydive

This advanced method of tuition will teach you to skydive in the most efficient way possible.

Static Line
from only £199

Skydive Buzz Static Line

A more affordable method of learning to skydive. Your parachute is opened automatically.

Muscular Dystrophy UK
Saturday 01/10/16

Over and Above
Saturday 08/10/16

Cats Protection (South West)
Saturday 08/10/16

North Devon Hospice
Saturday 22/10/16

North Devon Hospice
Friday 25/11/16

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Skydive Buzz Profile Picture

Skydive Buzz - Dunkeswell
25/09/2016 17:41

Sunday 25th September
What a great day with amazing weather! 55 tandems got to jump. Well done everyone! Here are some of the tandems from today. We are next open on Wednesday and Friday and still have spaces for tandems. Next weekend is fully booked.

Skydive Buzz Profile Picture

Skydive Buzz - Dunkeswell
24/09/2016 07:39

Unfortunately, due to high winds (and pretty thick cloud!) we will be shut today. :( Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Skydive Buzz Profile Picture

Skydive Buzz - Dunkeswell
19/09/2016 11:46

Every fancied learning to skydive? Only £199 for your groundschool training day and first jump.

Skydive Buzz Profile Picture

Skydive Buzz - Dunkeswell
18/09/2016 17:37

Sunday 18th September
Very busy day with more than 60 tandems. Well done everyone! We will see you on Wednesday!

Skydive Buzz Profile Picture

Skydive Buzz - Dunkeswell
17/09/2016 19:36

Saturday 17th September
Amazing busy day from sunrise till sunset! 27 loads on both Beech99's. More than 60 tandems plus some last minute check-ins jumped today! Forecast is good for tomorrow, see you then.
Photos by Krista Radzina